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Qawwali "I will go with the yogi", music by Emma Margetson, Charlie Lockwood, Scott Wilson and myself. Video by Tasawar Bashir. Watch a snippet (opens in a popup window)

The Forest The Forest is a collaboration between Marie-Louise Crawley (choreographer and dancer), Madalena Brak-Lamy (dancer) and myself. The performance was made during nine days and was funded by ACE (Arts Council England). The project ended in a Sharing at MAC in Birmingham. The performance is 34 minutes long and has eight channel surround sound.

Xtra hogtalare (beskuren) New CD: XTRA HÖGTALARE (Electron Records). A releaseparty was held on the 25:th of january 2013 at Fylkingen. Music by Girilal Baars, Eva Erbenius, Helene Hedsund, Magnus Johansson, Mathias Josefson, Boa Pettersson och Leonard Tsouo was performed.  

Maria Montner: Parasoll i park (beskuren) During the automn of 2012, Magnus Johansson and I made music for an exhibition of Maria Montners paintings at "Galleri Eva Solvang".  

Känn dig själv: Affektariet During our studies at the Dramatic Institute (nowadays Stockholms Dramatiska Högskola) Ninni Hasselberg, Girilal Baars and I got the opportunity to compose the music for "Affektariet"; a part of the exhibition "Känn dig själv" that was on display at Kulturhuset during the spring of 2010.

Maria Montner: Grönt vatten (beskuren) During the spring of 2009, Magnus Johansson and I made music for an exhibition of av Maria Montners paintings at "Galleri Eva Solvang".  

Spelande skuggor "Spelande skuggor" was a performance at "Kulturhuset" by Lina Hanno. In consisted of mime, costume, song och music. Collaborators were, amongst others Åsa Hanno, Helena Jonsson och Carina Greitz. I wrote the music which was performed on violin, cello och synthesizer.

The sound example is a version with synthesizer only.

Nevskij Prospekt cd Nevskij Prospekt ep "Nevskij Prospekt" was a band that was active between 1984-1991. We released a CD and an EP and toured scandinavia. The sound example is "Himmelsbragd i en munhåla" from the CD "Sameguld".